Groupe CIF’s policy involves putting respect for individuals through certification (of people) at the heart of what we do. It is within this context that we conduct our operations in a responsible and ethical manner, and maintain safe and secure work environments on all of our production sites. Link to our QHSEE policy.

Our industrial activities are driven by a focus on continuous improvement in the areas of quality, health and safety, and environmental and energy management, and we encourage all of our service providers and stakeholders to be active participants in this approach on all of our sites.

ISO 9001

Endeavour to constantly meet the requirements of our customers.

ISO 14001

Make each of our employees think about the environment through communication, motivation and training.

ISO 45001

Ensure day-to-day safety based on ongoing risk analysis.

ISO 50001

Undertake to reduce our impact on the climate, to protect resources and to improve our performance through effective energy management.

Recognised and certified skills.

The Group’s various certifications: