Casting solutions

Groupe CIF emphasises the competitiveness of standard foundry products and innovation for products needing more in-depth consideration. Its metallurgical expertise, continuously fed by its involvement in R&D, contributes to the development of new grades.


Innovative foundry products

Today, its experience and the transmission of expertise enable Groupe CIF to offer design improvements. Thanks to its mastery of the optimisation of foundry forms, using solidification simulation software.

Cast Iron and Steel

Les technicités actuelles permettent d’élaborer plusieurs types de fusions afin d’obtenir des nuances différentes de fontes : Ductile (Fonte à Graphite Sphéroïdal), Grise, Alliée (Cr, Ni-hard, Ni-Resist), et aussi d’acier : Carbone, Inox, Duplex, Allié.

Material grade

  • Cast iron – Ductile, Grey, Alloy
    (Cr, Ni-Hard, Ni-resist);
  • Steel – Carbon, Stainless, Duplex, Alloy

Smelting capacity

  • Cast iron: 62 T (all kilns together), 340 T weekly
  • Steel up to 100 T (weekly)

Standards foundry products

Casting and Core making

Using a model made in the modelling workshop, the mouldmakers produce chemically bonded sand impressions in which liquid metal will later be poured. Groupe CIF has several cast iron and steel moulding sites equipped with large capacity mixers for making moulds in frames or pits. 

Fabrication / Welding

Our teams are given comprehensive and in-depth training on a full-size test machine (4 m in diameter).
We also train external partners further afield (Middle East, etc.) in maintenance of their product to cut down on travel and thus reduce our ecological impact.

Heat treatment

Our modern equipment, which includes several gas and electric furnaces, enables a wide range of treatments for carbon, alloy and stainless steels, as well as white or spheroidal graphite iron, thus meeting the majority of our customers’ requirements:

  • Tempering
  • Normalising
  • Forced-air quenching
  • Water quenching, etc.

Want to find out more ? See our Heat Treatment brochure.