Groupe CIF is involved in the design and production of metal tooling for the aerospace industry in order to provide its customers with solutions that are in line with their specifications, that meet their needs and that solve certain technical problems.



Through its industrial projects incubator FER’Incub, the Group works alongside tool makers and/or manufacturers of composite aircraft parts to conduct R&D work and co-design tools that solve annoying problems, whether in terms of design, the materials used, technological thermoregulation solutions, etc.

Setting tools

Setting tools

Supply of tools for fitting Invar units. There are a number of benefits of using Invar.

  • Low thermal expansion coefficient (TEC)
  • Long service life compared to composite moulds
  • Suitable for high-rate production

In addition, the foundry process gives a clear shape and a complex form WITHOUT welding.



FC Frames

Our R&D engineers have developed a special one-piece frame that gives a competitive edge over manufactured frames.

  • Up to 50% lighter than the manufactured product
  • Stability during the firing cycle
  • More energy efficient in the autoclave

Heat-resistant steel

Superplastic forming (SPF) dies
Hot forming (HF)

We supply dies manufactured using Ferrynox, an alloy with high nickel content.

Relying on our extensive expertise, we can supply large tools up to 17 tonnes. Our R&D department improves design and materials in order to extend the service life of the dies.