Jobs & training

Building quality teams at every level, simultaneously offering each of Groupe CIF’s 1,400 employees opportunities for growth in their jobs, adapting skills to the company’s and its customers’ needs and above all anticipating generation renewal are constant concerns. Indeed, the Group is only ever as good as the people in it.


Welcoming trainees and apprentices is an integral part of Groupe CIF’s culture. By considering them to be future employees, we devote special care to recruiting, integrating and supporting them. It is with this in mind that jobs are defined based on specific technical skills and requirements in terms of safety, the environment, and quality.

Support will be provided throughout their careers within our companies, through a policy of training and a continued search for knowledge, the opportunity to make day-to-day progress, and by relying on modern methods such as Lean Manufacturing in order to reduce costs, improve response times and simplify processes. Each employee contributes, at his or her own level, to the performance and development of Groupe CIF by improving the key factors of its competitiveness.

Professions Engineering

Mechanical engineer (M/F)

The Mechanical Engineer (M/F) carries out and organises studies of mechanical equipment based on the specific needs of customers.

The Engineer (M/F) monitors project progress in house. In addition, one of his/her main missions is daily product research and innovation.

Designer (M/F)

The designer (M/F) produces and refines the plans for future projects or parts invented by or requested of the design office. Essential role in the part design process.

Research & Development Engineer (M/F)

The R&D Engineer (M/F) is primarily responsible for analysing demand for creation or improvement of products, processes or analysis methods, and for putting forward proposals for innovations.

Secondly, he/she will need to produce quotations and prototypes and fine tune processes.

Design Office Engineer (M/F)

The Design Office Engineer (M/F) designs and conducts programme studies. He/she can work on new products, industrial processes or the improvement of existing products or processes. He/she is responsible for programme studies in the preliminary design and/or project phases.

He/she is responsible for costs, quality, scheduling and delivery times. He/she works closely with the company’s other departments: product, marketing, customer services and suppliers.

Quotation Engineer (M/F)

The Quotation Engineer (M/F) studies customer requests: he/she responds to invitations to tender and analyses technical and financial risks.

He/she conducts an economic and technological watch over his/her industry and more generally over market trends to be able to make relevant and optimum proposals.

Design Office Quotation Technician (M/F)

The design office technician (M/F) assesses the cost of a construction or its renovation. To get a good understanding of customer needs, he/she studies the file closely: drawings, documents describing the work, administrative and technical documents.

Professions Drive Solutions

Machiner (M/F)

The machiner creates precision metal parts. Using a CNC machine, he/she sculpts the sheet metal with extreme care. Once a manual job, the turner/miller role is becoming increasingly machine-assisted, which entails programming the mechanics.

There are several specialisations within our workshops: 

  • Sharpening
  • Boring
  • Deburring
  • Milling
  • Slotting
  • Drilling
  • Teeth finish-grinding
  • Cylindrical grinding
  • Sawing
  • Truing
  • Parallel turning
  • Vertical turning

Painter (M/F)

Forklift Operator (M/F)

Packer (M/F)

Scheduling Agent (M/F)

He/she puts in place and monitors the performance of production schedules, optimising lead times, the use of production means and costs, in accordance with regulations, standards and company procedures.

Fitter (M/F)

The fitter assembles mechanical (and sometimes electrical) systems using the parts supplied.

He/she assembles mechanisms of varying complexity and adjusts parts so that they match perfectly. He/she welds, rivets or bolts the elements together.

Metrologist (M/F)

The metrologist (M/F) ensures that the measuring instruments used to calibrate and measure the parts manufactured in a company meet industry quality standards. 

Handler (M/F)

Professions casting solutions

Welder (M/F)

The welder (M/F) assembles different parts of a raw part by adding metal.

Foundryman (M/F)

The foundryman (M/F) produces the metal by melting it in the kilns.

Refractory bricklayer (M/F)

The refractory bricklayer (M/F) restores the inside of the pockets containing liquid metal.

Chipper-Deburrer (M/F)

The chipper-deburrer (M/F) prepares the rough castings, following precise cleanliness and safety rules.

Chipping is a finishing operation, primarily in foundries, and involves removing burrs from the surface of parts by hand or by mechanical means.

Mouldmaker (M/F)

The mouldmaker (M/F) manufactures the moulds that will then be filled with liquid metal to give shape to a rough casting.

Shot-blast operator (M/F)

The shot-blast operator (M/F) operates a machine that projects microbeads onto the surface of rough castings to improve their appearance and technical specifications.

Stripper (M/F)

The stripper (M/F) is responsible for operations that involve separating the rough casting from the sand after cooling.

professions service

Service Engineer (M/F)

The service engineer (M/F) role involves supervising the assembly, commissioning and maintenance of our equipment on customer sites.

He/she is also responsible for preparing and coordinating turnkey sites and can provide technical support to the sales department.

professions Supports

Project Manager (M/F)

The project manager (M/F) provides the link between the production teams and the sales teams and keeps tabs on current projects: the progress of the order throughout its production cycle.

QSEE Coordinator (M/F)

Reporting to the QSEE (Quality-Safety-Environment-Energy) Manager, or to the Site Manager, and in collaboration with all company personnel, the QSEE Coordinator (M/F) ensures customer satisfaction, in particular by ensuring the quality of the products, the improvement of working conditions and reduction of the environmental impacts of the activity.

He/she coordinates the quality, safety and environment approaches by raising awareness within the company (from management level to operations personnel) of compliance with in-house standards, customer requirements and regulations.

He/she helps to constantly improve QSEE performance.

Assistant Commercial (H/F)

Assistant Ressources Humaines (H/F)

Infirmier (H/F)

Industrial Buyer (M/F)

The industrial buyer (M/F) identifies and selects products and suppliers according to procurement programmes established by the company.

The buyer (M/F) negotiates commercial contracts, taking into account cost, delivery and quality objectives.

Assistant Administratif (H/F)

Comptable (H/F)

Informaticien (H/F)