Groupe CIF provides numerous parts designed for integrated equipment and systems ensuring safe and reliable distribution of energy.




  • Worm gear and helical units
  • Pinions
  • Chain
  • Surveillance
  • Mechanical cylinder on weir
  • Barrel drum and standard couplings
  • Complete drive units for lift gates

Tidal river components

Off-shore wind farm components

Nuclear energy

Groupe CIF has already delivered numerous parts to the nuclear market, installed in French, Russian, Korean, Finnish and English plants.

Its ability to manufacture level 3, 2 and 1 components in accordance with the RCC-M or ASME III codes, tested, machined and even assembled, makes it a preferred partner.

For example, AHD has produced bodies, valves, caps, yokes for gate/globe/butterfly/check/ball valves, etc. and even bodies, wheels, diffusers and pump bowls.


Turbines and compressors


  • Hollow shafts
  • Blade adapter
  • Bearing cover
  • Outlet elements
  • Single-piece Francis runner, ring gear and band
  • Injection nozzle