Engineering and Service

Producing, installing and maintaining the equipment delivered by them are the keys to the success of Groupe CIF’s entities, through our teams of Engineers and the mastery of the technical studies carried out. Our expertise in terms of design and service is one of Groupe CIF’s assets.




Thanks to the experience and the large skills the group CIF team, we can support you in your most complex projects :

  • Design assistance and industrialization of your product
  • Reverse engineering or modification of the manufacturing method (from foundry to mechanical welding)
  • Supply chain and subcontracting
  • Assembly and tests by our experienced technicians
  • 360° co-design work for your unitary or serial products and systems

Special presses

For over 50 years, ROCHE M’TECH amassed expertise in the production of custom mechanical and hydraulic presses. The company now designs production equipment centred around the press.

Research & Development

Groupe CIF continually invests in R&D.

Groupe CIF’s design departments provide solutions to customers’ requirements, whether through the optimization of the selection of a standard gear reducer, or by developing custom product designs to suit an end-user’s specific needs.

Its metallurgical expertise, which is continually advanced by its R&D activities, plays a critical role in the development of new grades of cast iron and steel.



Our Groupe CIF specialists will provide individual technical support for any questions or problems concerning the operation, handling or repair of your products, directly on site.

Training: on site and in the workshop

Our teams are given comprehensive and in-depth training on a full-size test machine (4 m in diameter).
We also train external partners further afield (Middle East, etc.) in maintenance of their product to cut down on travel and thus reduce our ecological impact.

Spare parts engineering

CMD has 60 years of plans archived (Citron, Messian, Durand, E&R) for gearboxes to manufacture 100% identical or improved spare parts.