Groupe CIF is involved in the design and production of metal tooling for the aerospace industry in order to provide its customers with solutions that are in line with their specifications, that meet their needs and that solve certain technical problems.



Groupe CIF has developed cutting-edge expertise in the definition and supply of complete control units through its know-how of the production of the gears, hoops, rollers and reducers that equip kilns and dryers in the cement industry.



Groupe CIF provides numerous parts designed for integrated equipment and systems ensuring safe and reliable distribution of energy.


Groupe CIF also produces rail equipment.

Mining & Publics works

Groupe CIF offers a comprehensive foundry and machining range, as well as related services for the manufacture of the major components of mills, crushers, kilns and dryers intended for the global mining industry.

Oil & Gas

Groupe CIF is recognised as an expert in the supply of extreme-demand metallurgical parts for gas and oil extraction, transport and refining facilities.


A partner of large projects in the steel industry, Groupe CIF offers its expertise and innovative solutions. On sinter machines, our systems have been chosen by global manufactures for their flexible operation and reliability.



Groupe CIF supplies parts for the exploitation and extraction of sugar from beet and sugar cane. For the latter, Groupe CIF has even designed reducers specially adapted to this type of grinding. A comprehensive range of different sizes, covering all mill capacities.