Our Commitments

5 pillars of Groupe CIF

Corporate social responsibility is at the heart of the Groupe CIF’s concerns, whether in terms of environmental preservation, safety, training, innovation and investment.

Le Groupe CIF - Environmental preservation

Environmental preservation

We are proud of our ISO 14001 certification, proof of our unwavering commitment to environmental protection. Our complete recycling process for excess casting and machining chips underlines our determination to minimize our ecological footprint in the industry, in a circular economy approach.


Safety is at the heart of our priorities, as evidenced by our ISO 45001 certification, guaranteeing our commitment to a healthy and safe working environment. Our rigorous approach to occupational safety and health illustrates our dedication to protecting every member of our team, while ensuring operational excellence.
Le Groupe CIF - Safety
Le Groupe CIF - Training


Investing in the future is reflected in our commitment to training: nearly 10% of our workforce is made up of work-study students, reflecting our desire to train the next generation of professionals. In addition, by devoting 2.5% of our payroll to continuing training, we reaffirm our commitment to the skills development and excellence of our teams.


Innovation is the engine of our growth: with a patent filed every six months, we are at the cutting edge of technology. Our subsidiary dedicated to innovation and our innovation committee work together to transform our ideas into tangible realities, guaranteeing our position as a leader in innovation.
Le Groupe CIF - Innovation
Le Groupe CIF - Investment


The investment in a state-of-the-art production tool reflects our long-term vision: combining performance, safety and energy efficiency while supporting innovation. Our self-financing strategy, based on the solidity of our results, underlines our commitment to preserving our independence and strengthening our industrial heritage for generations to come.


Groupe CIF de Bussy has adopted an integrated QHSEE managment system for almost all its subsidiaries with multi-site certiication by LRQA in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and ISO 50001 standards.

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