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The Groupe CIF main markets

Our global presence extends across markets as varied as they are vital. Each of these sectors demonstrates our commitment to providing innovative and sustainable solutions, in perfect harmony with the ever-changing needs of our society. Find out how the Groupe CIF shaping the future across its diverse markets.

Le Groupe CIF - Mining & Publics Works

Mining & Publics Works

Groupe CIF offers a comprehensive foundry and machining range, as well as related services for manufacturing major components of mills, crushers, kilns and dryers intended for the global mining industry.


Groupe CIF has developed cutting-edge expertise in the definition and supply of complete control units through its know-how of production of gears, rinding rings or tyres, rollers and reducers that equip kilns and dryers in the cement industry.

Le Groupe CIF - Cement
Le Groupe CIF - Energy


Groupe CIF specializes in the design and manufacturing of critical parts for the future of carbon-free energy, including the renewable, nuclear and hydroelectric energy sectors.


A partner of large projects in the steel industry, Groupe CIF offers its expertise and innovative solutions. Particularly on sintering machines, global manufactures have chosen our systems for their reliability and flexible operation.

Le Groupe CIF - Steel
Le Groupe CIF - Sugar


Groupe CIF is a specialist in the supply of essential components for sugar extraction, with particular expertise for sugar cane, for which we have developed tailor-made reducers optimized for grinding. Our comprehensive range of reducers, available in multiple sizes, meets all sugarcane crusher capacity requirements, ensuring maximum efficiency and performance.


Groupe CIF, innovative in the metallurgy sector, specializes in the design and manufacturing of tooling for composite and thermoplastic materials, offering advanced solutions for the decarbonization of aviation. Thanks to its know-how in metallurgy, the group is able to supply dies for the hot forming of titanium, a key component of engine parts and structures.

Le Groupe CIF - Aerospace
Le Groupe CIF - Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas

Groupe CIF is recognised as an expert in the supply of extreme-demand metallurgical parts for gas and oil extraction, transport and refining facilities.


Our group positions itself as a player in the railway market, with its EN 15085 Class 2 certification in railway welding. Thanks in particular to our welding robot dedicated to medium series, we offer innovative and tailor-made solutions for rolling stock.
Le Groupe CIF - Rail

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