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200 years of industrial expertise

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2 centuries of history and technological progress towards Industry 4.0

Groupe CIF’s has a unique history. It has entered the 21st century by modernizing its infrastructures and machine tools, and by emphasizing the use of technical means based on information technology and numerical control. The production sites are becoming more inter-connected and flexible to develop into manufacturing plants of the future…
Marthe Prunier - CEO, Groupe CIF

Believing in the future is first of all believing in the ability of Man.

Marthe Prunier

CEO, Groupe CIF

Le Groupe CIF - Industry 4.0


8 industrial companies in total synergy


An international presence

To meet the requirements of the most complex requests from around the world, Groupe CIF relies on an extensive network of more than 120 sales representatives and agencies on every continent.
Présence Internationale


Some key figures

Groupe CIF provides its clients with custom solutions thanks to the specialist skills of its teams and infrastructure that is constantly being updated through ongoing investment. With 200 years of experience behind it, Groupe CIF is entering the 21st century with the gradual implementation of Industry 4.0.

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Leading provider of industrial solutions

Transform your challenges into success with Le Groupe CIF: combined expertise in Drive, Casting, Engineering & Service for personalized and innovative solutions. Experience the strength of a network of specialists, dedicated to excellence and customer satisfaction.
Le Groupe CIF - Drive Solutions

Drive solutions

Le Groupe CIF - Casting Solutions

Casting solutions

Le Groupe CIF - Engineering & Service

Engineering & Service

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