In our relentless quest for innovation and environmental responsibility, we are actively soliciting our suppliers to implement and adopt electronic signature solutions.

With its many advantages, e-signature has become an essential part of our modernisation process :

Reducing costs by removing the need to print, post and archive paper documents;
Saving time by speeding up the signature process to just a few minutes;
Guarantees the authenticity and integrity of signed documents, thereby improving document security;
Improving productivity by streamlining the contracting process, resulting in greater team productivity;
But above all, it’s a commitment to our planet.
By switching to dematerialised contracts, we are considerably reducing our use of paper, reinforcing not only our ecological awareness but also our ongoing commitment to genuine corporate social responsibility.

All our purchasing departments are playing a key role in implementing this initiative.

As we continue to modernise our infrastructure and adopt technological solutions, the introduction of the e-signature process marks a decisive step in our digital transformation towards the factory of the future.

With this in mind, we would like to remind you that our Purchasing departments are always ready to listen to any innovations!

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