Group Purchasing Policy

The Purchasing Department builds balanced relationships, established with carefully selected suppliers, on the basis of shared values.
Le Groupe CIF - Synergy


Le Groupe CIF was built by combining the capabilities of different structures. Purchasing synergy constitutes the architecture of our relationships with suppliers.

Economic performance

We are constantly looking for quality products and services, at the best price and as quickly as possible. As part of a global approach, we pay attention to the analysis of the total cost of ownership.
Le Groupe CIF - Economic Performance
Le Groupe CIF - Innovation & Continous Improvement

Innovation & Continous improvement

The ability to innovate of our service providers (technological choices) is a determining factor in the success and longevity of our relationships. In this sense, we place the ability to improve products and services at the heart of our approach. We know that the competitiveness of our offer is linked to the positioning of our service providers.

Sustainable development and CSR

We pay particular attention to each stage of the life cycle of the products purchased, from the origin of the raw materials, to the manufacturing processes, short/closed circuit, management of the end of life of the products. We encourage suppliers to offer us products with limited carbon impact, second-life products, recycled products. The level of CSR among suppliers is taken into account in their selection.
Le Groupe CIF - Sustainable development and CSR
Le Groupe CIF - Risk management

Risk management

We continually secure our sources of supply, by integrating different elements such as geopolitical risks (compliance with international sanctions), environmental risks, compliance with labor law regulations. As such, our service providers are invited to regularly transmit the elements necessary for our duty of vigilance.

Concealment, deception and corruption

Each of our employees is committed to strict compliance with ethical and commercial rules. In this context, we also rely on a partner ethics charter.
Le Groupe CIF - Concealment, deception and corruption

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